Lynn Marie Mickelson

Your Legal Representative for Social Security Disability Benefits & Estate Planning

As Legal Services Manager for the Minnesota AIDS Project since 1995, Lynn Mickelson has experience providing legal services to people living with HIV. She is widely recognized for her passion for helping people with chronic disease and disability get the social security disability benefits they deserve. As an estate planner, Lynn Mickelson knows the crucial value of having legal documents in place, especially for non-traditional Families (including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and unmarried couples). She has made sure hundreds of people have the documents they need at critical times.

Lynn is expanding her practice to help not only those living with HIV, but others needing estate planning documents and trying to get social security disability benefits (including SSI) or needing to put their affairs in order. Because of her background, Lynn Mickelson understands the impact of becoming disabled and the need to plan ahead. Each of her clients receives personal and thorough services. Whether you have a chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hepatitis, M.S, Lupus or mental illness or whether you have a disabling injury or condition, Lynn Mickelson wants to help you.

Regardless of your impairment or injury, Lynn Mickelson can help you evaluate your case and help you plan for the future. Call today to schedule a consultation at 651-308-8801.

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